Our Story

It's been a while since our website has had an update and much has happened in our lives. 

In a nutshell, after 5 fantastic years in Spain, the Glenn family packed up and moved to the UK in August, 2008.  We moved to a town about 25 miles outside London just in time for the new school term to start.  In September 2008 Owen started in year 1 at his local school and Sophie started attending the local nursery school.  Both children settled so well into our new house, neighbourhood and life.  It helped that Harriet painted and decorated their bedrooms the minute we moved in (bright pink for Sophie and blue complete with a bunk bed for Owen). 

It's now just over a year later and we are very settled and happy in the UK.  Owen is now in year 2 and Sophie has started at the same school as Owen in the nursery program.  It has been fantastic being closer to family, becoming a part of our little community and reacquainting ourselves with British life.  Dan has continued working for his old company in Gibraltar but is now based in London and works from home a couple days a week too.  It's a nice arrangement and as of November, 2009 (just before the baby is due to arrive) he will be relocated to a lovely new office at the bottom of our garden!  Harriet has continued to work on the house with decorating, painting and overseeing bigger renovation projects and has really enjoyed making new friends and getting involved in the local school and volunteering.  

We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of our third child, due in the middle of November 2009.  The move, along with the impending arrival has spurned us on to update and reinvent our babyglenn website.  The website is a work in progress and we hope to keep it updated regularly.  We think of our friends and family around the world often and hope that this will be a good way for us all to stay in touch.  We hope you enjoy the site, please leave us any comments and if you are ever in our area, please get in touch and come and visit!